• 2001 space odissey

    Intro song from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 “2001 A Space Odissey”.

  • ah ah ah

    You didn’t say the magic word! But… it’s a UNIX system!

  • back to the future

    Back to the Future fanfare from 1985 film.

  • braveheart

    Epic quote from Braveheart film!

  • buzz lightyear

    Quote of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story (Movies).

  • century fox

    Opening sequence from this film studio.

  • chewbacca

    Chewbacca sound from StarWars movies. A classic.

  • circus afro

    Marty’s afro circus performance joke. From 2012 “Madagascar 3” film.

  • darth vader

    Darth Vader’s breathe.

  • disney

    Song theme before any Disney film!

  • exorcist

    From 1973’s The Exorcist. One of the best horror films ever!

  • fly you fools

    Gandalf’s advice in Lord Of The Rings.

  • full monty

    Striptease sound… striptease tiem!

  • ghost buster

    “Who ya gonna call?” Epic TV Theme from the 80’s.

  • godzilla

    Godzilla roar from 1998 film.

  • gryffindor

    The Sorting Hat’s yell from Harry Potter movies.

  • hakuna matata

    Hakuna Matata! An epic song from The Lion King movie ^^

  • halloween

    Halloween Theme Song!

  • harry potter

    Hedwig’s theme. Or leitmotive from Harry Potter’s films.

  • hasta la vista baby

    Scene from Terminator 2 (Movie).

  • heres johnny

    Probably the best scene in “The Shining”

  • iam your father

    Darth Vader shows Luke who’s his daddy.

  • ill be back

    Terminator most known phrase from 1984 “Terminator” film.

  • im batman

    You get it?

  • inception

    WROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAM. Sound from Inception, the movie.

  • indiana jones

    Leitmotive from an epic adventure film starring Harrison Ford!

  • its a trap

    General Ackbar quote from StarWars movies. Video:

  • its leviosa

    Hermione corrects Ron while she pronunciates the “Wingardium Leviosa”.

  • jabba

    Jabba’s laught from Star Wars movie.

  • james bond

    Epic movie-intro.

  • jaws

    Shark theme from Steven Spielberg “Jaws” film.

  • jurassic park satellite phone

    Satellite phone stuck in cr*p at Jurassic Park III film.

  • khann

    Sound from Star Trek II movie.\

  • kill bill

    Famous whistle from Kill Bill movies.

  • kill bill fight

    Iron Side by Quincy Jones. Or Kill Bill fight scene 🙂

  • light saber

    Switch on sound in Star Wars lightsabers.

  • light sabers fight

    Lightsaber duel!

  • madagascar

    I like to move it move it, you like to, MOVE IT!

  • metro goldwyn lion

    The most famous lion in the world.

  • mine

    MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! From seagulls of Finding Nemo (movie).

  • mission imposible

    Epic soundtrack from Mission: Impossible film.

  • movie record

    Spanish stuff: Intro from spanish cinema distributor “Movierecord” which is shown before every film.

  • mr grinch

    Mr. Grinch’s song from the film!

  • my precious

    My precioooooooooooooous! 😀 Quote of Gollum ( The Lord Of The Rings Movies)

  • napalm

    1979 Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” quote. One of the most amazing quotes from this amazing film!

  • nazgul scream

    Nazgûl yell from Lord Of The Rings movies.

  • nein nein

    Hitler denies being defeat at WWII!

  • one missed call

    Ringtone from the japanese film “One Missed Call”.

  • predator

    Predator sound effect from 2004 “Alien vs Predator” film.

  • psycho

    1960’s Alfred Hitchcock “Psycho” One of the best films ever. And one of the most known film sounds eve.

  • pulp fiction

    Jules recites Ezequiel 25:17 before striking Brett with the power of god, his gun and one of the best Tarantino films.

  • r2d2

    R2D2 from Star Wars.

  • roger roger

    “Roger roger” Droid’s quote from Star Wars movies.

  • saw

    Opening tune from 2004 “Saw” film.

  • sinsajo

    The Hunger Games: 3… NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!

  • spider pig

    Song from The Simpson movie!

  • star wars

    The emperor is coming … The Imperial March.

  • star wars cantina

    Tatooine’s cantina theme which sounds over and over…

  • star wars end

    End music from Star Wars movies

  • star wars i love you

    Love statement from Star Wars.

  • star wars intro

    Intro music from Star Wars movies.

  • star wars noooo

    Darth vader quote from StarWars movie. Thanks to

  • star wars xwing

    Xwing sound from Star Wars movies.

  • superman

    Song from Superman films with Clark Kent kryptonite and stuff!

  • tarzan

    Tarzan yell, the lord of the Jungle.

  • terminator2


  • the lord of the rings

    Theme song to provoke epicness and motivation!

  • this is sparta

    This is Sparta! from 300 movie.

  • thx sound

    THX Sound: George Lucas wants to blow out your ears!

  • topgun

    “Son, your ego is writing cheques your body can’t cash” The song is Danger Zone from 1986 “Top Gun” film.

  • transformation

    Autobot’s transformation sound form Tranforsmers film!

  • troll

    Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone quote when the troll appears.

  • walle

    Wall-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! From Disney movie.

  • western

    Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo. The most famous spaguetti western film ever!

  • whats this

    “The Nightmare Before Christmas” tune. Happy new year!

  • wilhelm scream

    The famous Wilhelm Scream. This sound can be found in a huge list of films

  • yabba dabba doo

    Quote of Fred Flintstone! (The Flintstones movie).

  • yoda

    Awesome Yoda’s quote.

  • you shall not pass

    Gandalf forbids you to pass!! (The Lord Of The Rings)

  • you talking to me

    Travis Bickle (Robert de Niro) most famous quote from Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (1976).

  • your profession

    Leonidas asks his soldiers what is their profession. Epic answer.