Da TV!

  • 24

    Intro theme from “24” TV show.

  • a team

    Opening theme from one of the most popular 80’s TV show.

  • addams family

    Intro song from 1964 “The Addams Family” show. Happy Halloween!

  • adventure time

    Intro song for Adventure Time TV Show!

  • badadipoopi

    Hahahah Peter speaking in Italian from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JhuOicPFZY

  • bazinga

    Sheldon Cooper quote from The Big Bang Theory sitcom. Thanks to www.CBS.com for creating this tv show. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfL4-C8OCys

  • bel air

    Fresh Prince of Bel Air opening song. 90s TV Show starring Will Smith as Will Smith!

  • bender ass

    Epic Bender’s quote from Futurama.

  • benny hill

    The famous Benny Hill song (Yakety Sax).

  • billy and mandy

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • bird is the word

    Surfin’ bird, by The Trashmen, the favourite song of Peter Griffin among time!

  • burned

    Bender’s quote from Futurama. Everybody love bender. We too!

  • challenge accepted

    Barney accepts every challenge! 😉 From: How I met Your mother.

  • courage cowardly dog

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • cow and chicken

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • dexter

    Everybody has a Dexter inside. Opening music from Dexter series.

  • dexter lab

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • digimon adventure

    Epic tune from our childhood! Digimon Tamers opening sound!

  • doh

    Doh! Homer Simpson quote.mVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6GuEswXOXo

  • dora

    Dora la exploradora: Spanish stuff. Double sense sentence from Dora’s show.

  • dragon ball

    One of the best known animes from all time.

  • ed edd eddy

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • es un ladron

    Spanish stuff: Homer & Skinner conversation at the museum entrance.

  • excellent

    Mr. Burns finds this instant Excellent.

  • family guy fart match

    Just wait for the 15”

  • foster imaginary friends

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • friends

    Tune from 90s TV show “Friends”.

  • fringe

    Retro opening from one of the most famous TV shows at the moment.

  • futurama

    Futurama! 😀

  • game of thrones

    Winter is coming! Opening theme from Game of Thrones TV Show!

  • ha ha

    Nelson quote of The Simpson. Punch! HA-HA!

  • hello nurse

    Animaniacs saluting the hot nurse!

  • hodor hodor

    HODOOOOORRRR from Game of Thrones

  • homer bocadillo

    Spanish Stuff An epic Homer’s quote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPTSk7jFkRQ

  • homer head

    Homer Simpson’s sound which plays when he pays attention to his children!

  • house

    Everybody lies. House (Hugh Laurie) most famous quote from his TV show.

  • inspector gadget

    Forward gadget-umbrella! Theme from Inspector Gadget (Cartoons)

  • jetsons

    Classy sound effect from Jetsons TV show in the 60s.

  • jigglypuff

    This adorable Pokémon sings a song that numbs us all.

  • johnny bravo

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • jungle

    Epic song from our childhood.

  • kamehameha

    Goku’s kame-hame-ha sound from Dragon Ball.

  • kitt

    Epic sound from the car of Knight Rider TV series.

  • law and order

    Opening sound from Law & Order TV Show.

  • lazor

    Imma firin’ mah lazor! From Dragon Ball.

  • legendary

    Legen (wait for it) DARY! Barney Stinson’s favourite phrase.

  • looney toons

    That’s all folks! From Looney Toons show.

  • lost smoke

    Smoke’s sound from JJ Abrams’s show “Lost”.

  • mc gyver

    TV Theme of another epic 80’s TV show!

  • misfits

    Opening of one of the most famous british TV shows.

  • mlb

    A classic sound in basketball, baseball and american football matches.

  • mrbison yes

    Quote from Mr. Bison. YESSSS!!!! YESSSSS!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0j0lO7uQBo

  • muppets

    Mah nah manah! Song from The Muppet’s Show.

  • nespresso

    George Clooney’s quote from Nespresso Ad.

  • ninja turtles

    90s Tv show featuring Renaissance artists fighting against evil!

  • omnomnom

    Cookie monster at it’s best.

  • penny

    A funny clip of sound from The Big Bang Theory TV show.

  • piece of candy

    Oh! Piece of candy! Oh! Piece of candy! OUCH! Scene from Family guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbZAofv571w

  • pikachu


  • pingu mec mec

    Pingu’s well known sound Mec Mec!

  • pokemon

    I know its my destiny!Pokemon!

  • potato eat

    A strange quote from Death Note anime

  • power rangers

    One of the most famous sounds of one of the most famous 80’s TV show.

  • powerpuff girls

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • ralph

    One of his most famous phrases.

  • rumble

    Let’s Get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Quote from Michael Buffer (American professional ring announcer for boxing and professional wrestling matches).

  • sailor moon

    Opening song from Sailor Moon TV Show!

  • shhh ahhh

    In this page, we love Peter Griffin. Do you love him? So press the button to listen to his famous Shh! Ahh!!

  • soft kitty

    Sheldon’s song from his childhood.

  • spongebob

    Opening sound from Spongebob Squarepants TV show.

  • stewie tuba

    Sound played by Stewie while he chases fat people!

  • strong punch

    DBZ strong punch is over 9000 power!

  • suit up

    Barney Stinson’s best advice!

  • swat

    Famous tv tune from 70s.

  • tbbt intro

    Opening sound from CBS’s The Big Bang Theory show.

  • team rocket

    Team Rocket slogan from Pokemon (Anime series).

  • that 70 show

    Opening sound from “That 70s Show” (on air between 1996-2006).

  • the big bang theory

    ROCK,PAPER,SCISSORS,LIZARD,SPOCK! From The Big Bang Theory TV series.

  • the flinstones

    1960s TV Animation Show. YABADABADOOOOOO!

  • was that sarcasm

    Sheldon reaaaaaaly asks if that statement was sarcasm. From The Big Bang Theory Series.

  • wazzup

    WAZZZZZZZZZUPPPPPPPPPP, AHHHH, WAZZZZUPPP! Epic TV ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tauYnVE6ykU

  • where is perry

    Phineas question at every episode.

  • whos that pokemon

    IT’S PIKACHU!!!!!

  • whos your daddy

    Barney asks Honey (Katy Perry) who’s his daddy at How I Met Your Mother TV show.

  • winter is coming

    Brace yourselves! From HBO’s Game of Thrones show.

  • woody woodpecker

    Hehehehe! Hehehhe! Hehehehehehe!

  • xfiles

    The truth is out there…

  • yata

    Hiro Nakamura’s best ice-breaking phrase from Heroes.

  • yeah science

    Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) epic yell, just behind b*tch!

  • yeahhh

    Epic sound from CSI: Miami tv show. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-LZWMc-OEY

  • you killed kenny

    Most famous quote from South Park TV Series.

  • you met ted

    Barney’s most known wingman hook up phrase. From How I Met Your Mother TV show.

  • zas

    Spanish stuff An epic sound from spanish version of Family Guy.

  • zasca

    Spanish stuff Zasca sound from Berto Romero (famous humorist working at Buenafuente’s program)

  • zoidberg woop

    Zoidberg’s quote from Futurama (Cartoons).